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My unique Recovery Coaching guides you away from your Food & Alcohol pain and back to the life of peaceful balance & freedom you deserve, for life 

Hi, I'm Sonia Grimes & I am The Recovery Coach. I know where you are, I know your pain. I have been there, and now after 28 years of heart breaking addiction, I am peacefully free.

My absolute passion is in guiding you back to effortless freedom too.

In This FREE Guide, I am sharing the 6 Keys To Effortless Freedom that changed my life. They will change yours too. 

  • You want to be the best version of you for you & your loved ones
  • You want to regain your self-respect, your peace and happiness
  •  You want to make changes and you don't know how
  • You don't understand why you return time & time again to what causes you pain
  • You feel trapped, lost and alone
  • You no longer are! 
  • I have created the FREE 6 Keys To Effortless Freedom Guide, to begin the journey of ending your pain & regaining your peace, for life!

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